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*Home games played at 
The Bossier Civic Center
620 Benton Rd. Bossier City, LA
Team Roster Staff and Officials
Blaster Ash
Dezzy DeckHer
Dr. Krakenspine
Knotta Kupcake
Mark Q Out
Polly Pistol
Vindictive Vixen
Nykky Knox
Chris James, B!tch - Coach
Angst Muffin - Announcer
Happy Killmore - Referee
Pippy la Pow - Referee
DestROYer - Referee
The Grunt
Meanie Mouse - NSO / Referee
Petal Pusher - Head NSO
Shootzee Whiskey - NSO
Moxie Husky - Mascot
Mikie the Mauler - Referee

Most Photos provided by

Ethereal Imaging Photography

Injured & On Leave Fresh Meat
Dirty D. ana
Peppermint Punisher
Pop Up Blocker
Princess Sleia

Amanda Cockrell

Amy Touchette

Andra Armstrong

Brandy Doyle

Carmina Vazquez

Dani Andreas

Grayce Raley

Jeri Diepering


Kate Brown
Kim Hunter
Kristy Grinage
Samantha Griffin
Will Racca
Victorian Massey
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